Data protection & Privacy Promise:

At Future Baby 4D Studio, the well-being of you and your baby is our number one priority.

Future Baby 4D Studio comply fully with the Data Protection Act to ensure all information remains strictly confidential. We have to collect and keep a little data about you, like your name, email address, payment details and some details about your pregnancy. We sometimes have to share your data with your NHS care provider to make sure that in the event of us identifying any problem, you receive the correct care.

We promise to collect, process, store and share your data safely and securely.

Following recent updates to rules surrounding the holding of Personal Data, we wish to clarify our procedures around how we at Future Baby 4D Studio handle your Personal and Sensitive information.

We hold the following information, for all clients who have booked with us, in our secure database:

  • Your name and the name of the person booking your appointment for you (if different)
  • The phone number you supplied us with at the time of booking.
  • Your email address
  • Your postcode if you have provided it.
  • Your address in some circumstances.
  • Your Date of Birth
  • Your GP details
  • Information about your pregnancy: This may include your EDD, information relating to your current pregnancy and information relating to previous pregnancies
  • Your feedback

We also obviously hold information relating to your pregnancy, and any scan/screening appointment you had with us. We keep all images and reports for all our clients, either on our Ultrasound Machine memory or archived.

We do not have access to any details relating to your method of payment for the service you purchased from Future Baby 4D Studio.

Generally, we do not make any use of the information we hold on our past/current clients. We use data to make your experience more affordable. We appreciate loyalty, many of our customers choose to return for more scans during their current pregnancy or subsequent ones and we like to reward this loyalty. WE occasionally will contact relevant clients (only within the same pregnancy) to let you know about offers or promotions we are running which may be of interest to you, such as additional scans later in your current pregnancy.

We will never pass your details on to any third party organisation except in the following circumstances:

  • Clients attending for NIPT Screening – we will share necessary details with the laboratory processing your blood sample.
  • Clients where a problem is identified within the scan – we will pass images and our report on to your primary healthcare providers ONLY WITH YOUR SPECIFIC CONSENT.
  • Clients where we are concerned relating to a potential adult or child safeguarding issue – we are obliged to report any serious concerns to the relevant bodies.

You are entitled to let us know how you would like us to use your personal information. Please let us know if you would prefer not to be contacted by us with any future offers or promotions. (PLEASE NOTE THIS WILL ONLY APPLY TO CLIENTS WITHIN THE SAME PREGNANCY, WE WILL NOT CONTACT ANY CLIENTS WHO HAVE ALREADY HAD THEIR BABY)

Your Rights: If you would like a copy of the data we hold about you please let us know and we will provide it as quickly as possible at no charge.

Please also let us know if you would like us to remove your information entirely from our database. This will have no impact on any future appointments you might choose to arrange with us, but will just mean you will have to submit all your details again if you return for another appointment.

You are welcome to contact us regarding any of these decisions at any time, and clients who consent to our storing their personal and sensitive data, or to our contacting you with promotions etc., can withdraw their consent at any time in the future by emailing us mydata@futurebaby.co.uk. Future Baby 4D Studio will always treat your Personal and Sensitive data with the utmost confidentiality and respect.

Please be advised that we are a private clinic and are open to anyone in public, you may see someone who you know and we are not to be held responsible.

UNLESS SPECIFICALLY REQUESTED OTHERWISE we will assume consent for us to continue to practice our Data Protection procedures in relation to your Personal and Sensitive information as detailed above.

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