At Future Baby 4D, we offer a range of baby scans for every stage of Your pregnancy – special offer, 20% off on all scans use coupon ‘wd20’

Baby Scan Clinic in Reading

Future Baby 4D is a private pregnancy ultrasound clinic offering expectant parents the memorable and exciting opportunity to see their baby through cutting-edge HD technology. Future Baby ultrasound Clinic offer personalised scans for you to experience the magical moments and start the bonding experience with your baby.

We offer a range of ultrasound scans to suit every stage of your pregnancy. Whether it is an Early Pregnancy scan, Reassurance scan, Gender Reveal scan or a 4D experience, examining the health and well-being of you and your baby are our primary concern.

baby scan clinic reading

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Whether it is Early Pregnancy Scan, Reassurance Scan, Gender Reveal Scan or a 4D scan, we are here to make the experience captivating.

You can bring up to 5 guests to your appointment, so extended family, friends and kids are more than welcome to meet your unborn baby!


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Early Pregnancy Viability Scan – £85

£68 ( with code WD20)

From 6 – 16 weeks

    • Early Reassurance
    • Previous Miscarriage
    • Pain / Bleeding symptoms
    • Previous Ectopic pregnancy
    • Detection of Twin pregnancy

Doctor’s advice available – charges apply

Well-being & Dating scan – £85

£68 (with code WD20)

From 6 weeks

The confirmation of dates from 8 weeks

Well-being Scan – £70

£56 (WITH CODE ‘WD20’)

Baby’s Well-being from 16 Weeks

This scan is designed to check the Well-being of your baby from 16 weeks; with a glimpse of 4D Scan.

Well-being & gender scan – £70

£56 (with code ‘WD20’)

From 16 weeks

Wellbeing check of fetal heartbeat and movement & baby’s gender with our exclusive gender reveal surprises.

Well-being & Growth Scan – £75

£60 (WITH CODE ‘WD20’)

From 26 weeks

Check baby’s Well-being, Measurements & Growth from 26 Weeks + 4D Preview

Well-being + 4D Scan – £99


24 – 33 weeks

Baby’s Well-being + stunning 4D video

detailed Pelvic scan – £125

£100 (with code ‘WD20’)

30 minute appointment

• Irregular or erratic periods
• Painful / Heavy Periods
• Detect Fibroids & Cysts
• Assess for Polycystic Ovaries (PCO)
• Assess coil (IUD) position
• Assess possible infections

nipt with reassurance & dating scan – £450


30 minute appointment

NIPT is a non-invasive prenatal test – (Blood Test) for pregnant women which estimates the risk of a fetus having Down’s syndrome & chromosomal syndromes with option to determine baby’s gender.

Detailed fertility scan – £125

£100 (with code ‘WD20’)

30 minute appointment

Detail Ultrasound scan of female pelvis performed by qualified sonographers to examine the different stages of fertility, Early menopause, IVF treatment abroad.


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